Joe K. sent us an email after he saw his performance with his new shaft in his driver: He wrote I can honestly say that my club fitting was an amazing and eye-opening experience. I have told every golf buddy of mine about my fitting and how impressed I am with you and your staff. Now I can hit my driver 20 yards longer than I could before and it feels amazing! You have my business for life.

Joe K.,

Josh A. said "my fairway to green has never been so accurate in my life and we made golf fun again" this was after we put new shafts in his irons. Josh is a 16 handicap. Josh broke 80 for the first time with his new irons and had his Driver reshafted the next day!

Josh A.,

Ryan M. called after playing his first 18 holes of the year after we put a new shaft in his driver. He said "he had never hit 14 of 14 fairways in his life until today" We reshafted the rest of his clubs a week later. He also brought in his summary analysis from Indiana Golf. Last year his Fairways hit were 54% after this year and his Driver built to his swing he is hitting 70% of fairways and 64% of greens in regulation up 4% from last year. Ryan is a 2 handicap.

Ryan M.,