Performance Fittings

Touchet Performance Golf was named a Top 100 Club Fitter by Golf Digest Magazine for 2015/2016 & 2017/2018!



****If you purchase new equipment from us the fitting is free****

Fitting Testimonials:

Ryan M. - He hit 40% more fairways the season after his Driver Fitting! Ryan's handicap went from a 5 to a 2 after a full fitting!

Josh A. -  Josh broke 80 for the first time with his new irons and had his Driver re-shafted the next day!

Derek M. wrote on our facebook wall: I would like to thank Eric at Touchet Golf for the driver fitting session. Eric's software is cutting edge. I saw immediate improvement in distance and accuracy. Would recommend all level of golfers to stop by and see Eric. Thanks again Eric and the staff at Touchet Golf.

Dave R. - Call me a very satisfied customer! Eric did a fantastic job. Thanks guys, I saw an immediate improvement!

Mike L. - This was the first comprehensive club fitting I have had, even though I had previously paid for services elsewhere, this was monumentally more thorough. My irons and driver were assembled exactly to my specs and have given me real world on course improvement. My ball flight trajectory is better, more consistent, and dispersion is greatly improved. I now know that I was adjusting my swing to clubs that weren't optimized for me and my swing. My index went from 5 to 1.8 mainly due to a change in properly fitted clubs. Club fitting is less art and subjective that I though, and more objective and scientific than commonly believed.

Terry C - "I highly recommend the club fitting services available at Touchet Golf. Eric is knowledgeable, meticulous, and patient. My play with my driver is the best it has ever been in 50 years of golf. In spite of the fact that I live in Indianapolis and this about 90 miles from Ft. Wayne, I intend to continue to use Eric for club fitting and consultation."

Joe L. - "I have played with the same buddy for 20 years and I beat him for the very first time after being fit with Eric at Touchet Golf. He came in to see Eric a week later!"

Craig K. - "Best decision I have ever made. First time I bought fitted golf clubs and the difference is incredible. More distance and the ball contact with my Driver and Irons is incredible. Highly recommend and will not be going to anyone else for my fitting needs, thank you!"


Does this sound like you?

Over 90% of golfers are playing with the wrong equipment and 92% of golfers that are custom fit SEE AN IMMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT according to a research study conducted by Sports and Leisure Research Group.
B.G.F Fittings - This is a comprehensive thorough evaluation of your hitting tendencies with each of the clubs in your bag. Through this process will monitor each aspect of your swing to determine the appropriate heads, shafts, flexes and length to optimize your swing and bring your game to the next level. This complete analysis allows us to fine tune every last detail and handcraft your new clubs so you can start playing Better. Golf. Faster!

Why B.G.F?

  1. Improved Accuracy and Consistency
  2. Increased Distance
  3. Better Feel
  4. More Confidence
  5. Lower Scores
    More FUN!

50% Better Shot Dispersion
7-20 More Yards Off the Tee
2-20 Strokes Off Your Score

Call today to set up your fitting and you can be our next testimonial! 260-436-4535


Fitting Prices:

1.) Current equipment built to your specifications:

Irons - $150
Driver - $100
Hybrids - $50
Fairway Woods - $80
Wedges - $50
Putter - $50
Ball - $30
Full Performance Fitting - $300

When we build your clubs the fitting is guaranteed and it is a Lifetime Fitting!!

2.) Purchasing New Equipment:

Woods - $75
Irons - $75

****If you purchase new equipment from us the fitting is free****

We will ALWAYS match any Price you find on

3. ) Basic Fittings

$3/club to adjust lie/loft
$5 to lengthen club
Price of new grip to cut a shaft down
*All Basic Fittings come free with purchase of any equipment